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Where I Teach on Tuesdays: The Students


And these are some of my student photographers.

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The Frick Ball

One of the women in my All of It: Working Mothers project helped to organize the Frick Collection’s Young Fellows Ball. So I photographed it, and she and her friends were gracious and funny.

I’ll post those pictures eventually, but the other guests kept catching my eye, so here are some non-sequiturs I couldn’t resist. I do love to photograph in museums. (And I got to meet Bill Cunningham, who reminds me about the joy in photography.)


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All of It: The Cost of Daycare

I photographed anthropology professor Carla Bellamy and her daughters Dessa and Margo for the New York Times Sunday Review recently. Alissa Quart wrote about the high cost of child care and the middle class moms who are struggling to afford it. Says Bellamy:

“It’s not a tragic story, but is tiring and tiresome. I have a career, I work really hard, and yet I get no break.”

Carla BellamyCarla BellamyCarla BellamyCarla BellamyCarla Bellamy

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All of It: Petrushka

Working mothers have been in the news lately – have you noticed? We’re trying to Lean In and Have it All all over the internet and the airwaves. But working women critique these conversations, saying that Marissa Mayer’s office nursery and Sheryl Sandberg’s financial resources make their experiences out of touch with most women’s lives.

When I was pregnant, I was terrified about the ways my baby would change my work. Photography is one of the most important parts of my identity, and I didn’t know how I would integrate it into my new life. Would my finances work out? How would I schedule my unpredictable freelance needs around a child’s need for stability? Would people in my field think of me as “just a mom”?

So I started this photo project following three women who, like myself, love (and need) to work as they navigate the shifting demands of work and parenting.

I’ll be posting work from the project as I make it. This first batch follows Petrushka, the Program Manager of an arts education non-profit and mother of an eight month old girl.

(And yes, my work has changed – but I like it. More on that in another post.)

All of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of ItAll of It

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