2012, What a Year

Well. This was one big year! Here are a few of the most important things that happened to me.

In January, I traveled to Quintana Roo, Mexico to photograph a group of student midwives learning from traditional Mayan midwives.

I photographed a few fun races for New York Road Runners.

I got to photograph Margaret’s beautiful wedding on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

My city survived a terrible storm, which I photographed for the Daily Beast.

And I made a really, really cool baby person.

Here’s hoping your 2013 is beautiful and interesting.

Making Peace With Digital Photography

I recently started working on the second piece of Delivery, a project about birth. I shot the first part in the Dominican Republic on film, and I had a look and a film speed and a developer that I was really happy with. But I shot this part digitally (and in Massachusetts), and it’s interesting to compare the color and B&W versions. I’m going to show the work in B&W.

The B&W Version

19-year-old father and his daughter, who was born that morning.
19-year-old father and his daughter, who was born that morning. Her mother didn't realize she was pregnant until a month before the birth.

I like the color version because the dad looks rosy and unprepared. But in the B&W version, the look on his face isn’t as soft and he looks a little tougher. It’s interesting to see the same photo speak two different ways. What do you think?

The First Post

A patient with her newborn baby.

A patient with her newborn baby. Maternity ward, Hospital Juan Pablo Pina, San Cristóbal, Dominican Republic 2006

This is one of my favorite pictures I’ve taken. It was published by the American Journal of Nursing in December 2008 and won the American Society of Healthcare Publication Editors 2009 Bronze Award for best cover photo.