Where I Teach on Tuesdays: As it Goes

I teach a middle school photo class once a week in a public New York City middle school, and I’ve been photographing there and at similar schools. The schools speak with the same visual vocabulary but time and students personalize the walls. Assimilation, teenage rebellion: institutional architecture, teenage dismay – and hearts.

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Where I Teach on Tuesdays

I taught an after-school photography class to some New York City middle school students last year. I’ve been teaching classes in under-served schools like this on-and-off for a decade, and last year I started shooting with a phone camera. As I looked at what I’d seen, I realized I was photographing school archetypes and the way they illustrate containment and control of desires: the core of the middle school experience, and a cornerstone of education in general. More coming this school year…

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All of It: Daily Life

Picking the kids up from daycare, training for a run in honor of a friend lost to leukemia, bathing a child – small actions that add up to a life.

(More photographs of Jen as a working mother here.)

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All of It: First Day at Daycare

But before she went back to work, Jen had to get through dropping her baby off for his first day at daycare. The morning was hectic and rushed, but everyone made it out of the house (and Jen remembered all of her breast pump supplies).

She looked forward to being around other people and using her intellect more, but she felt a strong pull toward her kids as she left them at a local daycare. Jen’s working two days a week now, but her days in the office are intense and the work tends to leak into her days at home with baby Wiley.

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2013 ING New York City Marathon

Photographing this year’s marathon was an exciting, beautiful, 15-hour-day kind of a shoot. I was so glad to be out working for the New York Road Runners again, and was inspired by the unity and determination I saw in the runners. Seeing a mass of people all pushing themselves side by side was incredible, and it inspired me to… not run a marathon. 26.2 miles is serious business! But I do love to run, and I was moved by all the the runners’ work and togetherness (in beautiful fall light, especially).

I was assigned to photograph Team for Kids, a group of runners who raise money for youth running programs, before and after the race. We met in midtown, boarded buses that drove through an empty Times Square, and rode to Staten Island where nervousness, anticipation and warm-ups were the morning’s themes.

One runner, Mel, was planning to run four marathons in six weeks!

And after the race, I photographed the exhausted and proud runners as they cooled down and headed home.

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