All of It: Daily Life

Picking the kids up from daycare, training for a run in honor of a friend lost to leukemia, bathing a child – small actions that add up to a life.

(More photographs of Jen as a working mother here.)

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All of It: First Day at Daycare

But before she went back to work, Jen had to get through dropping her baby off for his first day at daycare. The morning was hectic and rushed, but everyone made it out of the house (and Jen remembered all of her breast pump supplies).

She looked forward to being around other people and using her intellect more, but she felt a strong pull toward her kids as she left them at a local daycare. Jen’s working two days a week now, but her days in the office are intense and the work tends to leak into her days at home with baby Wiley.

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All of It: Kamdyn and Tomara

Tomara used all of her sick days to supplement her short maternity leave, so she doesn’t get paid when she has to take a day off. This situation isn’t uncommon in the U.S., where 40% of workers don’t qualify for the Family Medical Leave Act’s protections.

I photographed Tomara and her wife Kamdyn as they got baby Spencer ready for the day. I’ll be photographing them as they work and live during their son’s first year.
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Someone has been attacking women in my neighborhood. 10 women have been assaulted in the past seven months, and the police have yet to arrest a suspect. Tammyli Gonzalez of CrossFit 718 decided to take action, and hosts a class taught by Ariel Yarden at her gym. In these pictures, the pair demonstrate ways to escape an attacker.

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Civil War Sesquicentennial

This weekend, I photographed reenactors in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery. They set up camp, marched and answered my questions about their petticoats to commemorate the 150th anniversary (or sesquicentennial, if you prefer lots of syllables, which I do) of the Civil War. There are 4,500 Civil War veterans buried in the cemetery.

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Friends at Night

Paying for dinner, bowling, eating curly fries, showing off, texting, eating again, kissing birds, and looking at a Robert Frank picture before bed: these are some of the things we did.

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Battle of Brooklyn

Back in August, I photographed Battle of Brooklyn reenactors at the Green-Wood Cemetery in Sunset Park, Brooklyn for the Wall Street Journal. It was a hot day (remember those?) and the re-enactors marched, shot a cannon, and laid a wreath in memory of Battle of Brooklyn soldiers.

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